Tanja Van Schie

Name: Tanja Van Schie

Type of Governor:  Ordinary Governor

Date first appointed:  11 February 2020

Committees/Special responsibility: People and External Relations.

Background (employment, experience etc): Worked in a variety of roles in both inner city and suburban schools. As a result of working in England, Scotland, Norway and The Netherlands, my view of education is broad and it has encouraged me to be open minded. I am always keen to learn more and to use what I find out and what I know to a different setting.

Why I became a Governor: I feel that I can offer a calm and confident professional who is willing to give some time to Cox Green School in a recognised role. I am interested in education development, working as part of a team to strive for common goals. Data collection, budgeting, decision making and working well with other stakeholders are key skills that I could transfer to a new setting. As has been seen from my previous commitments to training in the past (e.g. studying for a Master's Degree in Education), I would naturally be keen to attend further courses to become the most effective Governor that I can.