Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4: Year 10-11 Curriculum 

Before September 2021, students followed a 3-year Key Stage 4 curriculum. From September 2021 students entering Year 10 follow a 2-year Key Stage 4. 

  • In Years 10 - 11 our students continue to enjoy a broad core curriculum.
  • All students study: English, English Literature, Mathematics, Science which includes Biology, Physics and Chemistry. (Some students will study these as individual Sciences; the majority will study these in order to achieve the Combined Science GCSE).
  • Before the end of Year 9 students select three non-core subjects.
  • Physical Education is also part of our core curriculum offer with students enjoying a range of exciting opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to tackle complex and demanding physical activities and experience a range of activities that develop personal fitness and promote an active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Students also have the opportunity to engage with our outstanding careers provision and have regular opportunities to meet with our Careers Advisor Mrs Thompson.
  • It is our desire to ensure that every student studies courses which will challenge and enable them to access any desired pathway of learning Post-16, be it traditional A level courses, a combination of A Level and BTEC options, or even a more vocationally orientated course.
  • Every fortnight, Form Tutors deliver a Personal Development lesson to their tutees. During these lessons, as well as through assemblies and Form time, the statutory PSHE and Sex Education programme is delivered.

Wider learning skills underpin the Key Stage 4 curriculum. Students are encouraged to be involved in as many of the following wider learning opportunities: 

  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Leadership Awards
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Student Council

By ensuring the core values of Respect, Kindness, and Determination, are at the centre of everything we do, the ‘Education’ we provide at Cox Green School will help build our students’ competencies, their character and their sense of belonging to the world.  We are fully committed to ensuring that all our students will leave school with the cultural capital they will need to be successful citizens, now and in the future.