Key Stage 4 Timetables

At Key Stage 4 all students study the core subjects listed below alongside three non-core option subjects that they select before the end of Year 9. 

Core subjects:  

English, Mathematics, Games, Science 

Option subjects:  

Art, Business Studies, Computer Science, Construction (Level 1) Creative iMedia, Drama, French, Spanish, Geography, History, Hospitality and Catering (Level 1/Level 2), Media, Music, Graphics, Physical Education (GCSE), Design & Technology, Psychology. 


  Subject / Allocation of lessons per fortnight 

 Year 10 

 Year 11 





 Physical Education 





 Religious Education (delivered through Personal Development)* 

 Option 1 


 Option 2 


 Option 3 



*PSHE is delivered through Personal Development lessons on a fortnightly rotation. 

The groups for Maths and Science are set based on current attainment levels. All other subjects have mixed ability groups.