Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a curriculum which enables all learners to achieve their maximum potential and is relevant to life in modern society. It provides depth, breadth, challenge, enjoyment and progression at all levels; it promotes choice and allows specialisation; it enables learners to work towards fulfilling their aspirations.

Our motto is “Committed to Achievement” and this embodies our belief that perseverance, self-discipline and determination will enable of our students to succeed at school and beyond.

We aim for the highest standards of educational achievement and value every student. We expect our students to fulfil their potential academically, personally and socially.   To achieve this aim, we want each of our students to develop a sense of PRIDE

Passion for learning and a desire to achieve to potential and beyond; to leave Cox Green as confident, well qualified, inspired young people and prepared for any future challenge.

Respect and kindness as core principles of every interaction.

Insight into the needs of others – at a local, national and global level so that each child develops the skills to make a positive contribution to society.

Diligence – the ability to be resilient and persevere; a commitment to make mistakes and to learn from them.

Enjoyment of the opportunities available and to develop a passion for lifelong learning.

Curriculum rationale

Cox Green School aims to:

provide all of our students with a rich and diverse curriculum

provide learning opportunities that meet the needs and interests of all learners

to develop each pupil's knowledge, experience, imagination and intercultural understanding, whilst at the same time fostering an awareness of moral values and a capacity for enjoyment which will enable him or her to be an active participant in a global society.

We aim to inspire in our students a love for learning and discovery; perseverance, problem solving and a positive solution focussed outlook –  nothing is impossible with the right commitment and focus.  We encourage students to develop their own interests and achieve far more than just examination success. The many opportunities to excel, both within and beyond the classroom, provide an environment in which every individual can develop his or her talents to the full.

Literacy underpins every aspect of the curriculum and for this reason it has key in ensuring that every student at Cox Green can achieve to his or her potential.  Literacy is not limited to writing; to be literate is to be able to listen, speak and write at a level necessary to function in education, at work and in society.

Our curriculum is structured to create as many opportunities for future success and personal leadership development as possible.  Students also have the opportunity to engage with our outstanding careers provision.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5