Dear Parent/Carer,

The wearing of jewellery (including any hidden body piercing) is not permitted on safety grounds during physical education lessons and other sporting activities. All National Sporting Bodies have also banned the practice of taping up jewellery.

These items represent a potential hazard not only to the wearer but also to other children. Medical advice confirms that any jewellery worn in physical education lessons is an unnecessary risk. Serious accidents have occurred damaging the ear of the wearer and to others.

Pupils are encouraged to leave items of jewellery and earrings at home on days when they have physical education lessons.  

Newly pierced ears can take a period of three to six weeks before sleepers and studs can be removed. If your son/daughter is considering piercings please do this at the start of the summer holidays to allow sufficient time for earrings to be safely removed. 

I ask parents to actively work with us in helping to minimise disruption to the physical education curriculum by ensuring that school guidance on jewellery is adhered to and that ears are pierced at the start of the summer holidays to allow maximum healing time.

Kindest regards,
Mr M Gullick
Learning Leader PE