Aims Of Our Pastoral System

We are exceptionally proud of our pastoral provision at Cox Green School and regard our pastoral support to the student community as a key strength of the school community.

The Aims of Our Pastoral System:


  • Consistently high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and conduct results in pupils having positive attitudes and commitment to their education.
  • There is a positive environment at Cox Green School where bullying is not tolerated. Any instances, including any incidents of child on child abuse and racist and/or discriminatory behaviour, is dealt with effectively and promptly. All members of our school community are treated equally and without prejudice.
  • Pupils attendance that is higher than the national average, including those who are disadvantaged.
  • Respectful working relationships exist between students, staff, parents and the wider community.
  • Sanctions are used appropriately and consistently where necessary.
  • Cox Green School supports pupils to be resilient and independent so they are able to meet the challenges of life well.
  • High quality pastoral support, led by the SAFE team and Year team leaders, supports students however they need it to overcome barriers to learning and to feel safe and healthy (both physically and mentally).
  • Pupils’ good understanding of healthy relationships and protected characteristics is demonstrated in the day to day conduct and atmosphere around school.
  • The school is ambitious for all its students and provides the advice and guidance needed to support every student to find the right pathway for them.
  • The school experience for students with SEND is positive and supportive, enabling them to access and achieve progress in line with others.


  • Effective behaviour policy
  • Staff understand and implement policies consistently, supported by regular and effective CPD
  • Leaders support staff well in managing behaviour
  • Attendance tracking systems are in place and followed, with clear roles for Tutors, Year Team Leaders, the SAFE Team, members of LT and the Attendance Officer.
  • Home school agreement
  • Building partnerships with the local area, primaries, organisations etc.
  • In-house Careers Advisor provides regular, personalised advice and guidance from Year 8 upwards
  • Varied extra-curricular programme
  • Student Leadership and enrichment programme
  • Personal development curriculum
  • Work of the SAFE team
  • Effective tutoring in place across the school, supported by CPD for staff
  • Work with external agencies where necessary, including services provided by the relevant LAs
  • SEND department
  • Diversity groups such as Unity, Mariposa and Qmmunity


  • The school community demonstrates our values of, ‘Be Respectful, Be Kind, Be Determined’.
  • Pupils’ behaviour does not disrupt learning or the day to day life of the school.
  • Respect is shown consistently, by all and to all.
  • Communication between all members of the school community is timely, transparent, respectful and effective.
  • Pupils make a positive and tangible contribution to the life of the school.
  • Uptake of extra curricular opportunities increases.
  • Student voice (e.g. Oxwell survey) minimal low levels of bullying and positive feedback from students on behaviour and support in school.
  • No NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) at the end of Y11 or Y13
  • High levels of progress and attainment
  • All members of the school community feel safe and happy in school, and know who to speak to if they have concerns.
  • Cox Green School is the school of choice in the local area for families entering Y7 and Y12.
  • Students have the best opportunity to succeed through regular attendance.