Diversity & Equality

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Cox Green has the values of being kind, being respectful and being determined. This is particularly shown through the numerous ways that we aim to include all students, staff and wider members of our community. We are a diverse school which mirrors the multi-cultural and multi-faith world we live in today. We want to encourage all our students to develop their talents and interests and thrive in the world and this includes celebrating and nurturing differences whilst including all. It is an area of school life that is often praised by students and parents.

We have groups that celebrate and support students around race, sexuality and gender, SEND, wellbeing, bullying, leadership, student voice, DofE, sport, music, drama as well as academic areas of life.

Our PD program includes assemblies, tutor time and sessions and our broader curriculum aims to educate and equip students to have an open mind so that they are kind and respectful to all and are determined to support others when difficulties arise. Students will therefore look at Protected Characteristics and British Values in all year groups in different ways to ensure that they appreciate and celebrate difference and include all in our community.

Parents are happiest with the school because:

“Mix of children from different backgrounds.”

“Ability to give a well rounded education including non academic curriculum and being part of a community.”

Students are happiest with the school because:

“Everyone's really kind and helpful and I can be myself and liked without having to try and "fit in.'”

“The community”

“The diversity and the groups we have to embrace the diversity of the school.”

“It is a school where anyone of any background or ethnicity is welcome.”

“Our community with LGBTIQ+ members and people in unity, helping with racism and the wellbeing. I’m proud of our community.”

“Every student from any background is embraced and welcomed at cox green