Key Stage 3 Home Learning

We believe that home learning can be a powerful educational tool to help ensure that every student achieves their full potential. Effective home learning is integrated into our curriculum and teaching and we ensure that it is set regularly. To support parents/carers to know what home learning is set, the student planner is used. Students have a responsibility of writing down the home learning which has been given to them each day. In addition, Edulink is used to further support students and parents/carers in knowing what home learning has been set, what it entails and when it needs to be completed by. 

Home learning tasks will range from 20-40 minutes per task. 

  • Maths, English and Science will set three home learning tasks per fortnight. 
  • MFL, History and Geography will set two home learning tasks per fortnight.
  • All other subjects will set one home learning task per fortnight.

 Home learning tasks are not set against a whole school timetable 

  • Home learning can be set in any lesson by any teacher. Work is not expected to be handed in until after the day recorded in student planners.
  • Teachers will use this timetable to plan when home learning is due in. It remains the responsibility of students to ensure that home learning is handed in to the teacher at the correct time.
  • Students should not be asked to complete home learning for the next day, unless they are catching up with work that has not been done previously or they have missed a deadline.
  • For longer project work, students should organise the completion of the project over a longer period of time, for example two home learning cycles.  Teachers may ask students to share how much has been completed each week and will provide a schedule for what needs to be completed and by when, where this is appropriate.