Our vision is to provide a curriculum which enables all learners to achieve their maximum potential and is relevant to life in modern society. It provides depth, breadth, challenge, enjoyment and progression at all levels; it promotes choice and allows specialisation; it enables learners to work towards fulfilling their aspirations.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5


Long Term Priorities
Intent - Cox Green School aims to:
• provide all of our students with a rich and diverse learning experience through a broad and balanced curriculum which is truly comprehensive and accessible to all pupils;
• provide learning opportunities that meet the needs and interests of all learners and inspire them to success in the next stage of their education, training or employment;
• enable students to learn to be successful, to gain useful, transferable skills whilst also acquiring relevant knowledge;
• enables high standards of academic achievement where outcomes empower students to progress to further or Higher Education;
• ensure that all pupils develop a high level of literacy and numeracy required for success in the wider curriculum and in adult life; 
• to develop each pupil's knowledge, experience, imagination and intercultural understanding, whilst at the same time fostering an awareness of moral values and a capacity for enjoyment which will enable him or her to be an active participant in a global society; 
• Ensure that all pupils develop the knowledge and skillset to stay safe
• create as many opportunities for future success and personal leadership development. 
Implementation - Cox Green Curriculum Plan: 2-week timetable leading a three-year Key Stage 3 and a 2-year Key Stage 4 & 5.
• Curriculum model following Cox Green Teaching and Learning policy.
• Alternative Curriculum
• Personal Development programme alongside a bespoke tutor programme
• Extra-curricular programme including homework and interventions.
• Student Leadership & Enrichment programme
• Professional development for all teaching and support staff
• Personal development of all students preparing them with the skills to succeed in life.
• High attainment of all pupils including GCSE and A-level students.
• Students demonstrate the impact of our curriculum through their behaviour for learning; students are confident and successful learners. All our school community are leaders of learning. 
• Students have the chance to study a curriculum offer that motivates and engages learners.