Name: Jordan Brierley

Subjects: Government and Politics, History and Philosophy

Aspirations: After Sixth Form I am looking to go to university to study International Relations with Philosophy

Why Cox Green? I chose Cox Green as my sixth form as I’ve been at the school since year 7. This means I was already in an environment I knew I was comfortable in. I also chose cox green as I knew we have access to a team of staff who I knew could help me with all aspects, such as our subject teachers, head of year, our sixth form mentor and our careers manger, who specifically specialises in our next step after sixth form.

What do you enjoy about Cox Green?  At Cox Green, I enjoy the community that has been made. There is always something for someone. Also, clubs allow all years to mix, meaning you can become friends with students with the same      interest. Moreover, Cox greens community expands out of school, such as we do lots of charity work to help aid people who are struggling, and we visit local primary schools for a multitude of reasons, which all together create a great       community feel, and a community you can enjoy.

Extra Curricular? At Cox green I have been apart of the student leadership enrichment where I took part in planning fundraisers to raise money for charities we support. I am also apart of the Junior Student Leadership (JSL) which allows all students throughout the school to come together to come up with fresh ideas on new ideas and events the school can run. I was also apart of the Maidenhead rotary clubs exchange to Saint-Cloud in France. From this I was able to learn about a new culture and experience it. It also allowed me to expand on my qualities of leadership, teamwork and          perseverance. Furthermore, it directly links with international relations, which I want to do for my next step at university.


Name: Megan McDonnell

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Drama

Aspirations: Veterinary Science

Why Cox Green? The community I had built over the 5 years with friends and      extra-curricular was something I didn’t want to lose or change.

What do you enjoy about Cox Green? I enjoy the amount of science and drama competitions available which allow me to expand my knowledge in different areas of my chosen subjects.

Extra Curricular? I always take part in the annual school production, and this year I am looking forward to participating in the concerts as well.


Name: Evie Brockies

Subjects: BTEC Health and Social Care and Criminology

Aspirations – Once I have left Cox Green Sixth Form, I would love to become an Occupational Therapist and to do this, I will be hoping to study further into a degree apprenticeship at a hospital to make this dream possible. This will also require consolidating my knowledge gained at my workplace and attend one day a week at a chosen University.

Why Cox Green? – I chose to continue my studies at Cox Green School because I felt as if it was a comfortable environment, where I thrived to complete my GCSE’s to a high standard, and where the teaching staff were already aware of my abilities and what I could be able to achieve at the end of Year 13. If I had accepted additional offers from elsewhere, I may not have been able to achieve my full potential. I was also able to choose from the wide range of courses and subjects available that will help me for my future.

What do you enjoy about Cox Green? – What I like best about Cox Green is that I am able to study subjects and courses that will guide me straight into the next pathway of my life, in a welcoming place of study where I know that I will be supported and challenged by my subject teachers to do well. It also has on site Career Support that has really benefited me into knowing the steps I need to take to    having a successful future when I have completed my education.

Extra Curricular?  – Within Year 12 I completed a wide range of enrichment activities that were available for us on a weekly basis, to increase our knowledge and give us experiences about the wider world. For me, this consisted of a First Aid course, where I was able to learn essential lifelong skills that will particularly benefit my future moving forward into caring for others. I also particularly enjoyed reading with local primary school children, which allowed me to help them grow in the best way possible. Within Summer 2023, I was lucky enough to complete a week’s work experience at the Royal Berkshire Hospital for Occupational Therapy, where I was shadowing the medical professionals with supporting their patients, whether that be in A&E or the stroke ward. This week was so beneficial for me as it really made me clear on my dream job and the next steps I can take in my final year to make this possible.


Name: Taryn Gill

Subjects: Government and Politics, History and Theatre Studies

Aspirations: My aspirations are to go to University and study Law (Commercial or Criminal) as I would like to become lawyer. I would like to apply to the Russell Group Universities, such     as Bristol or Birmingham. I aspire to become successful in life with happiness and  financial prosperity.

Why Cox Green? I first fell in love with Cox Green when I saw their theatre as it was like        no other! I chose to stay in Sixth Form as I felt comfortable with all the pupils that have      assisted me in journey at school. I also really enjoy the vibes and comradery of the staff.

What do you enjoy about Cox Green? I enjoy the teachers and my subjects – The teachers make everyday fun and keep me indulged in their subjects. I enjoy the amenities that the school offers such as the theatre, the tennis courts and also the canteen where I can get     delicious food.

Extra Curricular? Cox Green provides both external and internal extra-curricular activities. This ranges from learning how to make food on a budget to helping people with dementia at care homes. These activities help improve not only us but the wider community. I myself have partaken in multiple enrichments such as cooking on a budget, first aid and student leadership. These taught me how to be individually stable for the future and gave me a sense of belonging to the wider community.