Office 365 & Microsoft Teams:

We use Microsoft Teams to provide a structured learning environment as if you were in lesson. This includes PowerPoints, narrated presentations, worksheets, etc for you to submit work for marking and feedback, and for you to ask your teacher questions. To access this you will need to follow the instructions in this quick start guide: 

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CG Training - Century Tech

CENTURY is an integral part of our digital drive for education. Students have an individual pathway, staff have live analysis and control of workload, making their feedback more accurate and responsive. We see a desire to succeed from all.

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CG Training - Sparx Maths

Develops every single student's understanding of maths concepts through personalised retrieval practice. Sparx is not just about children logging on and completing work. It's about developing mastery, and children's understanding of maths becomes much more profound from using the platform.

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CG Training - Memrise Login

Watch native speaker videos, learn the words, and practice speaking with our AI language partner. 

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How can you help your child with their homework?

  • Provide a quiet space for your child to focus on their homework each week.
  • Encourage them to start their homework early so they can get help from their teacher before the deadline if they get stuck.
  • Know their teacher. Attending parent-teacher conferences, getting involved in school events, and knowing how to get in touch with your child’s teacher can help you better understand homework expectations.
  • Family study time. Set aside time every day for homework. Some kids do best by jumping into homework right after school, while others need a break and will be better focused after dinner. 
  • Designate a homework space. Having a designated space for homework can help your child stay on task. It should be well lit and have extra school supplies within reach.
  • Don’t do the homework for them. Helping your child with homework isn’t the same as doing your child’s homework. You can make suggestions, but your child must do the work for meaningful learning to take place. Have patience, allow them to struggle a little, and resist the urge to simply give them the answers.


Consider these tips if your child's struggling with homework:

  • If your child's already stressed out or frustrated, start with taking a break.
  • Engage your child in a conversation so you can understand where they're stuck 
  • Offer hints or guidance to help them move forward
  • Resist the urge to do their homework or give them the answers
  • As soon as your child understands how to resolve the issue, step back and let them continue without your direct assistance
  • Avoid stressful cramming and last-minute panic by helping your student plan ahead for tests and long-term assignments.
  • Offer your child encouragement and praise them for their perseverance.
  • Work on your own paperwork or read nearby as your child completes their homework to help them stay on task.
  • Reach out to the teacher if additional assistance is needed and remind your child to ask questions at school when they're confused


Support: For all support, be sure to include your full name and Year group or Tutor group along with information relating to your issue so it can be dealt with promptly. You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from your school email address, make sure you receive an automatic reply from helpdesk. If you do not get the automatic reply, or you do not have access to your school email address, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the school main number during the schools opening hours.