Our Policies


 Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  1. Assessment and Reporting Policy
  2. Curriculum Policy
  3. Exams Policy
  4. Teaching & Learning Policy
  5. Literacy Policy


  1. Missing Student and Student missing from Education policy
  2. Radicalisation Policy
  3. Safeguarding Policy

Inclusion, Equalities and SEN

  1. Accessibility Plan
  2. Inclusion Policy
  3. Medical Conditions Policy
  4. Whole School Equality Policy
  5. Public Sector Equality Duty Statement
  6. Children Looked After Policy


  1. Complaints Policy 
  2. Managing Aggressive Behaviour from Parents and Visitors to our School

Personal Development, Behaviour and Safety

  1. Anti-Bullying Policy - Students
  2. Attendance and Punctuality Policy
    a) Attendance - The Government's Position
  3. Behaviour and Suspension Policy
  4. CCTV Policy
  5. Celebrating British Values
  6. Drugs and Alcohol
  7. Home School Agreement
  8. Offsite Educational Visits
  9. Relationships and Sex Education Policy
  10. Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education and Development of All Students and Collective Worship Policy
  11. Student Driving Policy
  12. Student ICT and Mobile Device Use
  13. The Use of Reasonable Force, Restriction and Search Policy
  14. Work Placement
  15. Provider Access Policy
  16. Attendance of Students with Additional Health Needs Policy
  17. Travel Plan                                                         
  18. a) Travel Plan Review

Financial and Premises Policies

  1. 16-19 Bursary Fund Policy
  2. Anti-Fraud & Corruption Policy
  3. Charging and Remissions Policy
  4. Data Protection Policy
  5. Protection of Biometric Information Policy
  6. Financial Regulations Manual and Policy
  7. Freedom of Information, Environmental Information Regulations and Publication Scheme Policy
  8. Gifts, Hospitality and Bribery Policy
  9. Governors Allowances Policy
  10. Governor Code of Conduct
  11. Health and Safety Policy
  12. ICT Disaster Recovery Plan
  13. Lettings Policy
  14. Premises Policy
  15. Student Privacy Notice
  16. Staff Privacy Notice
  17. Refund Policy
  18. Risk Management Policy
  19. Scheme of Delegated Financial Authority
  20. Smoke-Free Policy
  21. Whistleblowing Policy
  22. Sports Academy Policy