Department - Drama

Staff list

  • Mr S Brignull – Learning Leader for Drama
  • Miss L Piggott- Teacher of Drama - Pupil Premium and Attendance Lead - Head of Year 7


The Drama department at Cox Green believes that pupils should be given the opportunity to use drama to express and articulate their thoughts and feelings and explore issues beyond their own experience.


For pupils to gain knowledge and skills associated with drama and theatre. Pupils will develop their interpersonal skills, empathy and confidence in a supportive environment where they can explore a range of topics.


At KS3 pupils study an hour of drama once a fortnight. Pupils will have the opportunity to devise original drama and work with script as well as experimenting with a variety of genres and styles. They will also be given the opportunity to approach a task from different perspectives, such as, writer, director and performer.

At KS4 the Eduqas course is followed, and pupils are expected to apply knowledge and understanding when making exploring and responding to drama.

GCSE Specification Template (

At KS5 pupils study AQA A-level Theatre Studies and will further develop their knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre

AQA | A-level | Drama and Theatre | Specification at a glance


Pupils will have the opportunity to continue working within the world of theatre. Pupils will be able to use creative thinking and confidence. Also, to create young people who are empathetic and can use the skills learnt in drama to face the challenges of the wider world.