Department - Personal Development

Learning Leader: Faith Kirby

Teaching staff: All tutors


The vision for Personal development at Cox green is for students to be kind, determined and respectful to all so that they are well-rounded human beings, equipped with life-long skills enabling them to be successful in the world outside of education.


The intent is that students develop the knowledge and the skills to succeed in and beyond their academic studies in their relationships, their health and their place in society. The intent is to prepare our students for the real world.


The implementation is everyone’s responsibility. PD is developed in academic lessons as well as beyond. Students have specific PD sessions as well as assemblies, the tutor programmes and enrichment activities. We use projects where appropriate to develop students soft skills as well as gaining the substantive knowledge they need on issues beyond the classroom so that they are prepared for the world beyond school. Outside speakers are used where possible and appropriate. There is a planned programme which also has the flexibility to adapt to the needs of a cohort.


We are lucky to have an in-school careers guidance staff member and there are explicit careers events built into all year groups as part of their PD curriculum. Links to careers and wider skills are sign posted and opportunities to work with Unifrog to build a portfolio for job and academic qualifications post 16 is created over time. Impact is seen by students engaging and participating with the school values in PD sessions and more widely. This can be seen in their behaviour and self-reflection reports. Impact is seen by students using their skills and knowledge to keep themselves and others safe, healthy and active citizens in the school and wider community. Impact is seen by students being confident and able to make good decisions in school and in the real world.