Department - Science

Staff list

  • Miss L Winchcombe, Science Associate Senior Leader
  • Mrs H Scott, Biology Subject Leader
  • Mr S Thompson, Chemistry Subject Leader
  • Mrs S Steele, Physics Subject Leader
  • Mr A Shields, Deputy Headteacher and Science Teacher
  • Miss V Coshall, Teacher of Science
  • Miss K Stockwell, Media Subject Leader and Teacher of KS3 Science
  • Mr R Hogan, Teacher of Science
  • Mr H Cheong Ip, Teacher of Science and Computer Science
  • Mrs A Emery, Senior Science Technician
  • Mrs T Bloor, Science Technician
  • Ms K Gratton Assistant Headteacher / Teacher of Science



Science ensured that students can critically analyse information to make informed decisions as proactive members of their local community.



Our intent is to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires students about Science. It aims to raise awareness of the everyday applications of the subject and the important role it plays in our daily lives.



Our course is taught with the theme of ‘science in action’. Rich big questions in lessons, a range of learning tasks and content linked to current world events encourages students to see the relevance of what they are studying to their own lives and wider world problems. The practical element of the courses allows students to be reflective and learn from mistakes.



Through the taught and super curriculum students develop the skills and knowledge to be academically successful individuals that can play an active role within their local community. Their experience of science will enable them to weigh up evidence to make informed decisions confidently, preparing them effectively for the future. Students will have a reflective and evaluative approach instilled in them to effectively solve problems to overcome obstacles that they may be presented with