Carole Moore

Name: Carole MooreCarole Moore

Type of Trustee:  Parent Trustee

Date first appointed:  April 2019

Committees/Special responsibility: Chair People & External Relations Committee.

Background (employment, experience etc): I have built my career on supporting and educating adults as a senior HR professional, specialising in learning and development, talent management and recruitment. I have worked in a number of companies of all sizes and complexities, many seeking to find creative solutions with limited resources, very much like modern schools today.

Why I became a Trustee:  Up to this point in my career I have had few opportunities to give something back to my local community. I used to be advisor for Young Enterprise Scotland and have delivered talks and activity sessions based on HR/training/Interviewing etc. Whilst those activities were of value, I feel I can add much more now as a Trustee. As someone who employs and trains school leavers, apprentices and graduates, I want to contribute towards, and support the links between, school life and future work life.