Jackie Haywood

Name: Jackie HaywoodJackie Haywood

Type of Trustee: Board Member

Date first appointed:  October 2018

Committees/Special responsibility:  N/A

Background (employment, experience etc): I am the director of own coaching and training business. Previously I worked in a variety of HR Management roles in large multi-national businesses, and my expertise is within change management, people development, recruitment, training, facilitation and leadership development.  In my own business I coach individuals, teams and leaders to bring their best to life and work. 

Why I became a Member: I value giving back, and feel I have a good skills set to bring to a the role. I value community and being part of a local school board enables me to use my skills to make a difference locally. I am passionate about children’s welfare, and anything I can do to support children’s growth, safety and development, is of great interest and personal passion to me.