Sam Steele

Name: Sam SteeleSam Steele

Type of Trustee: Staff Trustee (Teacher)

Date first appointed: September 2021

Committees/Special responsibility: Teaching and Learning

Background (employment, experience etc): Prior to being a teacher I worked as a Reservoir Engineer for 20 years in the oil industry.  I absolutely loved my time as an engineer and as a result became a STEM ambassador working with secondary schools to inspire students to take up careers in Science.  In 2016 I re-trained as a secondary school teacher specialising in Physics and have worked at Cox Green since qualifying in 2017.  In 2018 I accepted the position of Deputy Science leader and currently have responsibility for KS3 Science.  I also currently teach Maths at KS3 and Chemistry and Physics to KS5.

Why I became a Trustee: I believe that the student should be at the centre of every lesson and that learning should be dynamic with students enjoying school, achieving their full potential whilst respecting each other, teachers and the environment around us.  I am particularly interested in working with staff, parents and other stakeholders to ensure that the school has a positive and important profile in the local community and that there is a culture at Cox Green that ensures that students and staff feel supported, valued and celebrated.