Peter Thorn

Name: Peter ThornPeter_Thorn.jpg

Type of Trustee: Chair of Trustees, Ordinary Trustee, Board Member

Date first appointed: November 2011

Committees/Special responsibility: Chair of Finance & Resources Committee, Chair of Audit & Risk Committee, Teaching & Learning Committee, Safeguarding Trustee, Health and Safety Trustee.

Background (employment, experience etc): Majority of professional career within education, teaching and management, most recently and prior to retirement as Principal of a Further Education College. Currently also Trustee of the independent careers advisory and advice service within the Thames Valley for young people and adults and a Trustee of a school providing specialist education and support for young people with learning difficulties.

Why I became a Trustee: Both my daughters were students at Cox Green School. As a Trustee I am able to contribute based upon my experience and knowledge toward the support and development of young people at a key stage in their lives, secondary education. Trustees need to be continuously aware of changes in education direction and standard setting applied within schools in order to be able to guide and support the Leadership team and the collective vision we all hold for the achievement of our students and the experience we are able to give them at Cox Green.